About us


Our Borzoi history

The white and blue borzoi ”Molly” (Leicros Russian Zilver Plates) came to us as a puppy in 1984. 

Some years later we got ”Nadja” (Walzoff’s Royal Rebecka), a daughter of one of my favorites, Olias Oberon. 

Our third borzoi was ”Mona” (Ivegill’s Lady Anemone) who lived with our two whippets. When she died we where without borzoi for one week, and it felt like we didn’t have a dog at all. One week before she died we had been visiting kennel Ivegillīs to look at their latest litter. We told them that we wouldn’t have a puppy as long we had Mona, because we wanted her to have some calm last years. Shortly after our visit, she suddenly became ill and sadly died. During the time we were sad and didn’t know what to do, Birgitta at kennel Ivegill’s saved her last puppy from her litter, Ivegill’s Lady Tequila, for us. And we decided quite fast that yes, we would take her. 

”Tequila” was raised with our two older whippets, maybe that’s why she barked quite a lot for being a borzoi... ”Tequila” is the mother of our A- and B-litters, and her puppies went out very well as most of them are now show champions and some of them also competed at lure coursing.