Ulfur Aeglos "Mouchie"


                                                                                                    (13 months at the black and white picture above)

Swedish Champion (1 CACIB, 2 R-CACIB, 1 R-CACIL)

Swedens 9th best Lure Coursing Borzoi of the Year 2008

Qualified and has competed at FCI European Champion Ship in Lure Coursing 

Hereditarily clear from the disease DM (both parents tested N/N = clear)


Owner: Susanne Holmström, kennel Ulfur, Sweden


Vida Vättern 2013 third best male. Judge Inken C. Neumann kennel Sörling hus.


Second best male R-CACIB Veijen CACIB Show September 2012. Judge: Francesco Cochetti, Italy

Second best male R-CACIB Norrköping CACIB Show August 2012.  Judge: Joanne Sewell.   

4 BIRKöpTomasFrid

BOB, CACIB Köping International Show 2009 Judge: Elena Ukhabina Tripoli, Russia. Photo: Tomas Frid.


Best Opposite Sex Working Tånga Hed Special 2009. Judge Kalen Dumkle, Kennel Nonsuch, USA.    

2 HögbyBrukFotoJonny

Best Junior Högby Bruk 2008. Photo: Johnny Björklund. 

1 VV 2007

Best Opposite Sex and Best In Show Junior Vida Vättern Special 2007. Judge Kevin Schimmel, kennel Phaedra, USA.