Ulfur Aladdin "Aladdin"

5 VV

Swedish Champion (1 CACIL)

Swedens 10th best Lure Coursing Borzoi of the Year 2009

Qualified and has competed at FCI European Champion Ship in Lure Coursing 

Hereditarily clear from the disease DM (both parents tested N/N = clear)


Owner: Susanne Holmström, kennel Ulfur, Sweden


Ulfur's AladdinRed

Best of Breed Wotking and Best In Show-3 Working at the Swedish Sighthound Club Skokloster Summer Show 2013

Noreen Harris, Australia judged the Borzois and Claude Rebourg, France BIS Working 


Best Opposite Sex Working Vida Vättern 2012. Judge Garnett Thompson, kennel Sunburst, USA.

4 Spec 2010

Best Opposite Sex Working at the Swedish National 2011 and fourth Best Male with CAC. Probably the first time the CAC:s was rewarded two siblings as his siter Ulfur Amulett got the other CAC. Judge Tomasz Kuszyk, kennel Bilan. Photo: Morgan Slätt.    

3 Tånga 2010jpg

Best Opposite Sex Working Tånga Hed Special 2010. Judge Dan Persson, kennel Yermoloff.  



Best In Show Working at the Swedish Sighthound Club Laröd 2010.    

IMG 5532

Best Opposite Sex Working Örebro Special 2009. Judge Dan Foran, kennel Donskoi. 


Head study